Are you a Fortnite player interested in elevating your game to the professional level? This is your opportunity!

We are A Few Bad Newbies, an LLC out of NY, and we’re looking for 8 solid players ages 16+ in the NAE region to work with us towards breaking into the esports circuit.

How are we picking our team?

We will be using Fortnite Solo Custom Matches, where players compete in private Battle Royale gameplay.

  1. If 100+ people apply, the top 25 placements of each played round will compete in another round of fellow winners.
  2. If 100 or less apply, and/or after the final round, the top 25 placements will engage in build battles where the lowest placed player will be eliminated after each round until 8 remain.

Why an 8 person roster?

Everyone knows that traditional Fortnite gameplay is with a four person squad, so why 8 players? Teams require substitutes if in the event one or two members are unavailable. Practice scrimmage matches can be kept in house. And best of all, it opens up the potential for two teams representing AFBN at the same time.

How are the top 25 players identified?

The top 25 players with the most points at the end of the round advance. Points are obtained by:

  • 1 point awarded for each kill
  • 1 point awarded for 3rd place
  • 2 points awarded for 2nd place
  • 3 points awarded for 1st place

Score Submissions

Although this takes place in Fortnite Custom Matches where stats are retrievable, players are both expected and obligated to submit their overall scores AND a screen shot verifying their results. Failure to adhere will result in disqualification from eligibility.

What’s the benefit for players?

You mean… being a professional gamer isn’t enough? We get it! Living is expensive, especially when gaming is your priority. To accommodate this demand, all AFBN Fortnite Players signed with us will receive salary based administration pay. In addition to money determined by the success of our organization based on your success, competing players will retain and split ALL prizes obtained through competitive play. Until that revenue is achieved however, all of that effort is for our future. Yours and Ours.

What’s expected from our paid players?

In General (18+)

  • Content Creation & Streaming
  • Positive Social Media Presence
  • Positive Real Life Presence
  • 5 Days of Activity
  • Play With AFBN Teammates
  • Tournament Availability

From School Aged Players (16-17)

  • Minimum C+ Average
  • Consent from Parent / Guardian


Date: March 4th, 2023

Time: 2pm EST

Region: NAE

Game: Fortnite

Purpose: Open Team Tryouts

Platform: Any

Setting: Solo

Age: 16+

How do I try out for AFBN?

You must sign up using our registration form. The Fortnite Custom Match solo code needed to get into the server on tryout day is “AFBNLLC“. However, unregistered players will be disqualified. Registration is open until the start of the first round.

Please select the platform you'll be using for this Tournament.
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What’s the end goal of AFBN?