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Pavlov VR - RULES

Match Format

A match consists of 3 maps. The Winning Team must win 2 out of the 3. The official game-mode is Search & Destroy.

The official player count is 5v5.

When scheduling for their match, teams can mutually decide to play the match 3v3 or 4v4. No teams are obligated to lower their player count for any match.

5v4 can be played.

4v3 can be played.

5v3 is an automatic forfeit if the team with 3 taking the loss.

In all cases, a team will be ineligible to play its match where it has fewer than 3 rostered players present.

Challenged Team picks first map.
Challenging Team picks second map.
Challenged Team picks third map.

Restricted Maps: Bridge

Gameplay Clarifications and Restrictions

Full 3rd party communications are allowed while playing.

In-game mic may be muted via Pavlov's SteamVR push to talk binding or other 3rd party means.

In-game Players are forbidden from communicating in any way with Players who aren't in-game, coaches or spectators during a match. Turning off stream commentary is highly recommended to prevent inadvertent violation of this rule. In between maps, and during timeouts, coaches, players and spectators may communicate with in-game players freely.

Players may share information gathered during the time allowed by the game while waiting to be transported to the spectator room, this does not include "free roaming" or spinning your view in-game to gain an advantage of looking around you. Your camera should be in the direction when you die.

In the competitive-mode spectator room, which may have a spectator cam that shows the perspective of still-living teammates, it is allowed for dead players to coach living teammates or communicate information to living teammates based on information seen through this spectator cam.

The 50 Cal and AWP may only be used with the default scope attachment, and/or a suppressor and the scope must be left in the default position. The red dot, acog, and holo sight attachments are forbidden for these weapons. If a forbidden sight is purchased, the default scope must immediately be replaced, or if no player on the team can afford replacement, the 50 Cal or AWP must be discarded. Carrying an improper 50 Cal or AWP around or otherwise using it in combat will result in a map forfeit. Picking up an improperly attached 50 Cal or AWP for the next round is also a map forfeit.

Official gun skins released by the dev team are allowed.

Non-standard player model skins are prohibited. Client side addition or modification of skins is prohibited.

When dual wielding guns, it is not allowed to fire one gun through another attempting to stack up the sights of both, or using a physical stock with two guns at once.

Between maps, a team may call a timeout for any reason.

Where a team is delaying a round for more than 2 minutes, the opposing team may notify their counterpart that they are forcing them to use a timeout (these 5 minutes count toward total timeout).


Teams are allotted 2 timeouts each per match. Timeouts are not used before the first map is played.  Refer below, under Matches Forfeits, for rules pertaining to delaying a scheduled game.

Teams are allotted 2 timeouts each per match.

1st timeout15 minutes  
       2nd timeout10 minutes
Once the timeout expires, the match must proceed.

2 timeouts cannot be called in succession and at least 1 round must be played between timeouts.

In the event a team has no more timeouts remaining and is facing another delay of more than 2 minutes, they must decide immediately to play the round with the players they have or forfeit the match.

Failure to abide by this rule can result in League Moderators reviewing and issuing a penalty to the offending team up to and including forfeiting the match.

Scoring System

Teams enter the score themselves. Both teams need to submit the score for the match.

The team winning 2 maps out of 3 is the winning team.

Matches & Forfeits

Teams have a 20 minute grace period from the scheduled match start time to be in the game lobby with their team members. These 20 minutes do not count towards the 2 timeouts each team can use in between matches.

If a team is waiting for another team, the waiting team must show proof to League Moderators that they were indeed ready at their scheduled time.

Once the 20 minute timer has elapsed, the team that is not ready (or responsible for the delay), forfeits the first map.

If a further 20 minutes elapses without match commencement, the offending team is officially declared a 'no-show' and a score of 3-0 (total) will be awarded to their opponent.

In the case of a forfeit, the 3-0 option should be selected when submitting scores.

Teams must not voluntarily forfeit any match.

Forfeits and other forms of punitive actions can only be given out by League Moderators and Lead Moderators. Any team, player, or captain attempting to force another team to accept penalties due to perceived rule violations may result in punitive actions being taken against one or both team captains. If a rule is violated, players can report it to the League Moderators through the Ticket System.

Match Defaults

In the event that a match has not been played during the allotted time frame, the League Moderators will review the circumstances and allocate the match points accordingly. Example resolutions may include, but isn't limited to the following:

- Where neither team made any arrangement efforts, the match will be considered cancelled;
- A score of 2-1 may be awarded by default with the 'win' attributed to the team determined to have been available on the most days with a higher weighting given to weekend availability;
- A score of 3-0 may be awarded to a team where their opponent has made little/no effort or been objectively determined to have frustrated the organisation of the match; or
- Where facts do not permit a clear determination, the match is cancelled and neither team gains nor loses points.

League Moderators may remove an inactive team from the League where they have defaulted on 2 or more occasions and have a good cause to believe this will continue.

Teams & Players

Players are not allowed to play under more than one account, and must not have more than one account registered with the AFBN Competition Ladder.

Players and teams must play using their registered AFBN Competition Ladder name. One must not hide their identity under another alias.

Player names, player logos, team names or team logos are forbidden if they:
- Are protected by copyrights/royalties/third-party rights and the user has no written permission;
- Resemble or are identical to a brand/trademark no matter whether it's registered or not;
- Resemble or are identical to a real person other than themselves;
- Resemble or are identical to a AFBN representative (excluding the AFBN representatives themselves using the name);
- Are deemed too hard to read, distinguish, interpret or have multiple unnecessary characters;
- Are nonsense.

In addition to the above, any player names, player logos, team names or team logos that are defamatory, pejorative, offensive, vulgar, obscene, anti-Semitic, inciting hatred, or offending against good manners are forbidden. Using alternative spelling, gibberish or wrong spelling in order to avoid the requirements mentioned above is forbidden.

Team names must be unique across all supported games and are first come, first served. Alternative spellings or otherwise attempting to use a name already taken by an active or otherwise occupied team by changing a small detail, whether intentional or incidental, is not permitted, enforceable at Moderator discretion.

The League Moderators reserve the right to suspend or ban the non complying player or team.

Players are not to falsely represent a team for which they are not a rostered member.

The maximum number of players per team is 20.

Substitute players from other teams are prohibited in standard or challenge matches.

During the final 3 weeks of normal play and extending until the end of the season championship a “roster lock” is in effect. A roster lock restricts players from forming or joining teams.


In the event that someone crashes out or encounters a bug (be it advantageous or disadvantageous); that is unfortunate but the round still counts. Note that advantageous bugs could be considered exploits, see below.

In the event that a game update introduces major bugs experienced by the majority of players, the league may decide to extend the week to play the match.

Cheating, Exploits & Breaches

Any cheating, exploiting, or contravention of the foregoing rules must be brought to the attention of the League Moderators.

- If a player cheats, exploits, or abuses game mechanics, their team will forfeit the match. Any prizes or rewards a team may have received from a match will also be revoked.

- Any player found to be cheating or exploiting during a money or tournament match will face suspension from the Competition Ladder if determined complicent by League Moderators.

- Teams that participate in the creation of, promotion for, or use of cheats, exploits, or abuse of unintentionally harmful game mechanics will face additional penalties as determined by the moderation team.

- Examples of penalties are: round forfeit, map forfeit, match forfeit, player suspension or team suspension.

Cheating is defined as the intentional or reckless manipulation of the game and its code in such a way as to gain an unfair advantage. All accusations of cheating must be accompanied by evidence. Evidence will be reviewed by the Lead Moderators, who will conduct an investigation and return a verdict.

Players participating in a match are prohibited from watching the live broadcast of an opposing team while their game is still in progress.

Everyone is responsible to have a connection (ping) as good as possible for their region and technical situation.

AFBN is not responsible for your health in regards to too much VR time. We will NOT limit your matches by week. Play responsibly.

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