Rules of the TOURNAMENT

Warzone Cross-Platform “Most Points” Solo Tournament
– You Do Not Join with Opponent(s)!
– Play for 3 hours..
– …Play in Warzone Battle Royale Solo public lobbies.
– You may not play with a team of 2, 3, or 4, nor in TRIOS or Squads no-fill.
– Cross-Play must be turned on
– Submit a Screen Shot of your single BEST game when submitting your score after the hour has passed to help us validate your results.

· 1 Kill = 1 point
· 3rd Place = 1 point
· 2nd Place = 2 points
· 1st Place = 3 points

Event Time
Monday, February 14th, 2022
7:00 PM EST (-5GMT)

Overall Prize Pool Distribution
1st = 50%
2nd = 25%
3rd = 15%

How Do I Win?
Have the highest points on the leaderboard by placing and eliminating. Only your best round will count after the whole 3 hours has elapsed! To clarify: Points Stack. Rounds do not. If you got thirty kills and come in first one round, then that round is worth 36 points and you submit that one screen shot!

How do I get points?
Easy! Player Eliminations & Endgame Placement!
· 1 Kill = 1 point
· 3rd Place = 1 point
· 2nd Place = 2 points
· 1st Place = 3 points

K/D Cap
Anyone can register for this event. There is no K/D Ratio Cap.

You may register for $20 a seat. Once your payment is received, you will be added to the registry. Registration is open until a few hours before our Valentine’s Day Tournament and there is no size limit nor regional restrictions. Everyone is welcomed.

How We Pay » (*) implies “preferred“
– CashApp (*)
– Paypal (*)
– Venmo
– Varo

Payout Time
– There is a 24hr review period to ensure the safest, purest event possible.
– The mods may take as long as is necessary to look over screen shots and check data.

Requirements to Screen Shot
– You Are Required to Screen Shot your Match Results
– Any game that is submitted, MUST be screen shot. No time extensions are given for technical difficulties. For missing or inaccurate screen shots given, that match will be a loss. [Inaccurate meaning, your reported score does not agree with the screen shot submitted for that round or vica versa.]

Allowed Picture Formats

Questions & Concerns
Please contact a staff member on our Contact Form if you have any questions. Failure to adhere to the Screen Shot requirements may result in a DQ at the discretion of A Few Bad Newbies and Team Doubd.

WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND That you take Screenshot of each game. While we sincerely appreciate the publicity, streaming does not count. You MUST submit proof. Failure to submit a screen shot upon your score submission will result in a loss.

Match Score Reporting
There is a 15 minute submission window from tournament completion. There are no exceptions to the reporting rules.

We are trying to make a smooth and quick process for the other contestants. We cannot focus on side reports or delays.

Additional Rules
– Must be 13 years or older to receive payout from the tournament. This must be with parental consent. We will call them.
– All decisions made on the grounds of cheating/hacking are at A Few Bad Newbies’ discretion.
– Staff may reach out to assess scores and plays.
– Harassing MODS will only result in further punishment.
– Any attempt to harass a member of the A Few Bad Newbies’ crew will result in punishment.
– We are sympathetic of and to technical difficulties, but cannot cater to them. GG.
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This Tournament Has Ended. 0 participants.

Report Tournament Results

Please enter the Platform Handle Name you used to sign up for the Tournament.

Please select your recorded Kill Count. This MUST match with your submitted screen shot.
What place did you get? Your submitted results MUST match your screen shot.
Please submit your Screen Shot here. Mismatched or Tampered With Score Submissions will result in an automatic Disqualification.

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